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Keeping Your Pets Active and Happy in the Winter

Your pets still need to be active during the winter months. Unfortunately, in some areas,  it might be impossible to get outside and play in an open area. This is when it’s a great idea to start thinking out of the box. You can still keep your pets in good shape with regular exercise, while keeping them happy with products like portable pet playpens.

Alternative Exercise Methods for Pets During Colder Months

We all know how we sometimes feel in the fall and winter months. Some days there may be no sun at all, leaving us feeling low in spirit. Pets may feel the same way too, especially when they can’t get to go outside and play as they normally do. Portable playpens for pets can fill that gap. They will have their own little private space, but large enough to give them enough space to run around, play, eat, and sleep.

Finding the Right Spot to Put Your Pet Playpen

If you’re thinking about getting your pet a space-saving playpen for exercise, your next thought may be, where is the best place to put it. Since it’s a portable playpen, you can make it more fun by putting it in different locations each day. This will be more interesting for them, while keeping your furry friends even more entertained.

On the days when it’s not that cold, you can put it on your patio, or say you are in the laundry room and you want a little company, but don’t want your pets getting in the way, simply walk with your portable pet exercise playpen and place it in a cozy corner. Your pets can run around and stay active, while still seeing you through the meshed areas.

Pet Toys for Active Pets

While your pet is  in his or her playpen, make it even more fun by throwing a few interactive pet toys in the playpen. With these fun toys, there’s little time to be bored. They can play with it when they want, take a break, and then come back when they’re ready. They won’t feel isolated, but more like it’s their own little castle. Different types of pets can be entertained this way, using a pet toy that’s more suitable for their age, size, or species.