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Product Review – Pet Hair Vacuum by BISSELL

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

Having pets in your home opens up a world of joy, but with that joy also comes the problem of pet hair. Cats and dogs have a tendency to jump from one furniture to the other. They usually leave a trail of evidence behind, which can be difficult to get rid of. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is the perfect solution for this pet hair problem. Don’t let the smallness in size fool you. This small power packed hand-held vacuum does what larger, more expensive vacuums fail to do. No longer do you need masking tape to pick up hard to remove pet hair. Light and convenient, this compact pet vacuum can remove stubborn pet hair from difficult to reach places such as rugs and upholstery.


  • Convenient and powerful.
  • Gets rid of stubborn pet hair from hard to reach places.
  • Great suction power.
  • The cord has a good length.
  • No need to worry about replacing batteries.


  • The air escapes from the vent, depending on the angle that you hold the vacuum. When this happens it may cause debris to blow in the air. However, some people don’t seem to experience this issue while using it.

Purchasing a pet vacuum does not always result in the best pick. Think about how many things you bought and how many of them actually delivered the results you were looking for. Sometimes the best way to find a product that is top quality and worth every cent of your money, is to get recommendation from other people who bought the products already. They usually can tell you what they liked about it and what they disliked. Well, product reviews are similar to asking for recommendation from someone you know. Most people find that searching for product reviews online usually give them enough information to decide whether they want to buy the product or not. This simple review can save you time and money, especially if you have to pay for shipping to return a product that didn’t live up to your expectation.

A Basic Overview

The dimensions of the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser vacuum are 10 x 5 x 8 inches. This handy hand-held pet vacuum weigh a mere pound and is designed with a handle that fits perfectly in your hands while you work. To ensure optimal performance, make sure that you empty the container that holds the dirt after each vacuuming session Some jobs don’t really need a big vacuum. This is the time when this little power suction device comes in handy. It does’nt only do a superb job in the house, but also in the nook and crannies of your car. If you travel a lot with your dog in your car, you will definitely need this to get rid of difficult to remove pet hair from the car’s upholstery.

bigger pet hair vacuum

pet hair vacuum

Pet Hair Vacuum Features

The BISSELL pet hair vacuum features a washable HEPA media filter, a specially designed rubber nozzle that effectively sucks up pet hair and dirt, a power cord measuring 16 inches, a filter screen and a dirt container. It will be love at first sight after using this little vacuum. Whatever expensive pet vacuums can’t do, this will do. See what the other customers who used this product have to say about their experience here. Vacuuming your home regularly can help you live a healthier life by reducing the effects of allergies, caused by pet hair and dander.

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Precise Review for Pet Fountain from Drinkwell

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is perfect for pet owners who are planning to go on a family vacation. If no one is at home during the days, surely your beloved pets need to be supplied with fresh, clean water. What better way to ensure that your pet is well-hydrated at all times, than to use this efficient pet fountain. The unique, sleek design fits nicely in any area of your home. There are no unsightly cords to worry about, as it is not connected to a water line.

Pets, whether they are cats or dogs can all benefit from this convenient water reservoir. Your pets will find this appealing, therefore, encouraging them to drink the recommended amount of water each day. They will also less likely drink water from odd places such as the toilet and kitchen sink.

Why Your Cat Will Love This Fountain

Cats are attracted to any source of running water. In fact, that’s the main reason why they are so intrigued with your kitchen sink and bathroom. These smart little animals are cautious, and will rather drink water from a running water source than from a bowl of water sitting on the ground. If you are still giving your cat water out of a bowl, maybe it’s time to surprise her with something intriguing. She will benefit in more ways than one.

Each day she will visit her new fountain, eager to drink and play some more. You will be entertained by her antics while she sticks her little paws into the trickling stream of water. As the weather changes and enter into the hot summer months, your pets will need more fluids than usual, to keep them cool and hydrated. It is no secret that some pet owners may not be consistent when it comes to giving their pets fresh water regularly. This can result in stagnant water. The taste of stagnant water is enough to turn off your pets from drinking this essential fluid.

Top-Quality Fountain for Pets

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is one of the best-selling pet fountains on the market right now. Buyers are so satisfied with it that they keep coming back for more and recommending it to others. Finding the right product the first time around can save time and money. With the huge supply of pet products online, it can be frustrating weeding through them all, only to find something that you are not satisfied with. This review brings you closer to finding the best product for you and your pet, while giving you the opportunity to save money, but at the same time, not sacrificing quality.

A Quick Overview

The dimensions of the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain are 15.9 x 10.6 x 10.5 inches and the weight is 4 pounds. The fountain holds 168 ounces of water, and includes a reservoir. Maintenance is easy to keep up with. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to unassemble it before cleaning, then reassemble it again. Cleaning your motor when necessary will prevent a weakened flow of water. Compared to other pet fountains, the motor is much quieter in the background. This efficient watering system is equipped with a replaceable charcoal filter, which is specifically designed to eliminate the unpleasant taste and odor that are quite common in drinking water.

Some of the Best Features

The Drinkwell fountain features an AC adapter with a power cord that measures 6 feet in length. There is a specially designed area to fit the power cord so that it’s not visible. This watering system comes to you fully assembled. There is not need to go through hours of frustration trying to tighten screws. To sum up everything in a few words, simple, yet efficient. Your pets will thank you by drinking sufficient water, which will keep them healthy. Since customer reviews are also an important part of making wise purchasing decisions, it is recommended that you read the feedback of other customers who bought this product.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 168oz

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Comparison Shopping

As you know, there are many different brands of pet fountains on the market. To feel more confident that you are spending your hard earned money on the best product, you may want to compare the qualities, prices and feedback on other similar products. Product reviews are a great way to get your hands on the hottest selling items at a more affordable price. In the end, you will be happy you made a wise investment.

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Product Review – Everyday Fish Feeder by Eheim

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder
EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder

Feeding your fish is a must in order for them to stay healthy and happy. The EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder is convenient and easy to use. Life can be hectic at times, resulting in your fish not being properly fed. If you are going on a vacation, you will need to have a constant supply of food for your fish without overfeeding them. This fish feeder is designed to dispense the appropriate amount of feed each feeding session. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that while you are away, your fish is getting proper nutritional portions.

This Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser is equipped with a fan and a ventilation system, which is designed to keep your fish feed dry at all times. Follow the instructions accurately and you can set the feeder for up to six weeks of feeding. This is perfect for when the family is on a long vacation. The dimensions of the EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder are 2.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches, making it easy to fit in most aquariums.

It can be used in both fresh water tanks and salt water tanks. No need to worry about low battery, as it is designed with a 2-stage low battery level indicator to alert you when your batteries are close to getting low. This unique automatic feeder does not stop there. In addition to using it in an aquarium, it is also designed for terrariums. Turtles newts and frogs can also join in the feeding frenzy. This is a versatile equipment that is worth every penny.

Everyday Fish Feeder Product Features

The Everyday Fish Feeder features an easy to read LCD programming display, integrated with a clock. You can program up to eight feedings each day. A slider is available to conveniently set the portions that you want each feeding session. There is no need to worry about water splashes, as it is designed with splash-proof buttons. Check out Amazon’s low price for the Everyday Fish Feeder. Before you make your decision, you may find it beneficial to read the customer feedback on Amazon for this product. These are genuine feedback from people who have purchased and used this automatic feeder already. Customer reviews are important when deciding if a product is right for you. It also gives you more buying power.

Automatic Fish Feeder


Comparing Fish Feeders

Comparison shopping gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing the best product. When you compare products such as the fish feeder, you should look at the different features that each product has to offer. The price of the product is obviously also very important. It is recommended that you pick at least three products and compare them to narrow down the best one that is worth the money. Although there are a lot of hot sellingĀ  products for sale online, it can be confusing when trying to find the ones with the best qualities and features. With that being said, you can compare other fish feeders with the EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder on Amazon.