Summer Fun Animal Theme Home Accents

 Butterfly Glass Birdbath Bowl
Butterfly Glass Birdbath Bowl

Summer fun time is here again, and it’s time to enhance your home’s appearance with a variety of indoor and outdoor home accents. If you are focusing on animal theme this year, there are an abundance of items for you to choose from. During the winter months you miss out on the opportunity to embrace all the unique decors that represents summer,  so make use of this fun season.

Animal Theme Garden Accents

Give your garden a makeover with modern outdoor decor & yard art. You can decorate your garden with planters, solar lights, birdbath, and a variety of different decors. If you want to capture the essence of the wildlife, start with animal planters depicting animals from the wild. For example, this zebra outdoor/indoor planter is perfect for putting  your favorite flowers or plants in. If you have indoor plants, you can enhance their looks with this uniquely designed animal decor. Do the same for outdoor, such as placing it on your patio or any other living space.

Jungle Theme Crib Set

Encourage the love of animals by creating a decorative space for your baby. The Summer Monkey Jungle Collection Crib Set is a great centerpiece for your child’s nursery. It features giraffes, zebras, monkeys, and lions. Kids love animals, and this crib set will be no exception. The animals are designed to to look cute and smiley, with  bright, happy colors.

Animal Wooden Stool

Add this exquisite hand carved wooden stool to your home accents. Decorative tools are great for adding that little flair to your home, whether it is in the bathroom or in your kids bedroom. This Hoot Owl Hand Carved Wooden Stool this is designed to be used by both adults or children. It features a cute owl perching on a tree branch. You can’t go wrong with this modern piece of home decor.

Garden Tools for Kids

Children watch their parents and want to join in the fun too when it comes to gardening. If you’re doing gardening, you can get them their own kids garden tool sets that are small enough for them to use comfortably. They are designed with cute characters to entice kids into gardening. The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Tote Set is great for young gardeners. This turtle tote is easy to carry around with the the gardening tools that are also included.


Spring Fever: Freshen up Your Space With Nature & Wildlife Home Decor

Two Peacocks Wall Art Spring is in the air, and it’s time to freshen up your home. This year, why not go for something different, such as incorporating some nature and wildlife decor in your home. When it comes to  wildlife and nature design, you can’t go wrong. They typically can blend in with almost any decor, without overdoing it. They also add a touch of charm to any home decoration.

For instance, if you are a fan of butterflies, you can add some colorful butterfly decor to your living room, bedroom, bathroom or even outdoor. Butterflies are so beautiful to look at, but unfortunately, if you’re living in an apartment or a condo, you may not have space for a flower garden, except for your balcony, to attract the butterflies. If this is the case, go for the artificial ones. They are almost as nice as the real ones.

Butterfly Home Decor

This butterfly home accent decor adds a touch of nature  to your home, just in time for spring. Simply hang it on  your wall and you’re good to go. The sculpture is designed with a variety of colors. This gives you the perfect opportunity to blend it in with a solid color that matches one that is on the butterfly sculpture. No need to worry about searching for one specific color. If you cant find a certain color, simply move on to the next one on the butterfly wings or the sculpture, that is easily accessible.

Nature and Bird Designs for Your Home

Bring nature in your home and embrace the spring season. Spark up your living room, home office, or wherever you please, with wall art of birds in their natural habitat. Capture the beauty of the birds on framed canvas wall art. There’s something about having birds in your home that brings a sense of serenity, drowning out the chaos that may happen from time to time. Find a nice space to showcase your new wall art decor, as well as somewhere where you normally spend most of your time.

Animal Theme Cushion Covers

Here is a quick way to give your home a new look, using animal theme design. All you have to do is buy decorative cushion covers and cover your old cushions. There is no  need to throw them out, just give them a new look. Just make sure you measure the ones that you already have and purchase a size that will fit. They can always be removed and washed whenever you are ready.

You may try mixing and matching smaller pillows with larger ones, as well as different shapes to give a unique look.  Even when spring is over, nature and wildlife theme home decor will never get stale.




Pet Food Storage – Keeping Food Fresh and Organized

Your pets can tell if the food that you give them is stale or fresh. Proper food storage for pets is an important factor of providing the best tasting food for them. Organizing the food is also important as well. There are different types of storage for pet food, depending on the amount you need to store and the features you are looking for. For example, if you have more than one pet, you may need something larger versus smaller. If you have limited space, you would more likely look for a space saving storage container.

Sealing the Freshness of Pet Food

Airtight Containers With Seal: These types of pet containers are designed to retain freshness, preserving the taste and freshness of your pet food, while keeping out critters from entering the container. The seal will prevent air from entering the storage container, thus preventing the food from spoiling shortly after buying them.

The IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit is a good choice to store a variety of pet food. This food container is designed with two separate compartments. The top is a compact container, fit for traveling with treats. The bottom part has four wheels for easy mobility. There is a scoop to prevent spillage.  The airtight seal keeps out insects and other pests from invading the storage container. Not even your pets can sneak in for a quick snack.

If you are looking for a heavy duty pet food container the Buddeez 32-Quart Dispenser may work well for you. This is designed for large bags of pet food and bird seeds. This container has a handle that makes pouring easier and convenient. The lid is tightly sealed to lock out unwanted intruders such as bugs, and other insects. With this container you don’t have to worry about your pet food turning over and causing a mess.

Keeping your pet food organized will save you time and prevent unnecessary mess. When you are on the go, you can quickly find everything in one place. Your pets will love the quick service when it’s time to get their meals or a treat.