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Having A Pet Fish: Early Memories As a Beginner

20170826_101136Having fish for a pet was not something I had ever thought about. I loved to see them on TV or in the doctor’s office, but didn’t think they were fun enough for me to have in my home. Boy, was I wrong. I was watching a YouTube video one day, and was impressed with how lively and fun the fishes looked, so I decided to do some research.

I had a ton of questions, and wanted to know everything that I could as a beginner. I wanted a fish that was fun to have as a pet. I read up about the different types of fish that are best for beginners. At first I was thinking about getting a gold fish, but then I found out that they were not that easy to take care of for a beginner fish hobbyist.

The next thing I always thought about was having multiple fishes. I wanted to have more than one at a time. During my research, I learned about guppies. They are pretty active little guys and doesn’t require much, except for regular water changes and a spacious fish tank.

Guppies are small, but they are very active, so they need a lot of space for them to run around and be happy. Like with any other species of fish, they need good filtration to keep the water quality at a healthy level. Even if your fish aquarium doesn’t come with a filter, you can still purchase hang-on filters for your tank.

Now, there was the question of whether I wanted male or female guppies. Since I was just getting my first pet fish, I didn’t want to get a mixture of male and females, because eventually, I would have more guppies than I could take care of, so I chose to get only male fancy guppies. Then my journey began. To be continued ….