Top 4 Tips For Stress-free Pet Grooming

pet grooming arm
Grooming your pet may be an enjoyable chore for you, but can be stressful for your pet. Each pet is different in their temperament. Some pets may have no issue being groomed, while others may find it quite uncomfortable. Here are the top four simple tips to help your pet have an enjoyable relaxing grooming experience.

Noise Levels and Pet Grooming

If you always dream about doing your own pet grooming at home, but afraid that your pet will freak out, consider using low noise pet grooming clippers. Too much noise can increase fear in dogs or cats and may make them fear getting groomed in the future. Choose a clipper that is cordless and rechargeable, so that you can focus more on your pet and less on excessive distractions.

No Hassle Pet Grooming Table

If you’re always fighting to keep your pet in one place in order to do their grooming, next time use a pet grooming table. They are convenient and can fold and put away when you’re finished. Using a grooming table especially when trying to groom larger dogs, is a great idea. This will also create their own little stress-free space.

Pet Grooming Arms

If you wish you had an extra set of arms when grooming your pet, you may just be in luck. Keep your pet in a comfortable position while you groom hard to reach areas, by using a pet grooming arm. The holder will hold your dog/cat in the position you need him or her to be, so that you can do a thorough job.

Relaxing Massage During Pet Grooming

What better way to get your pet in the mood for grooming and look forward to the next time, than to use a pet grooming glove brush. Give your pet a relaxing massage while giving them a bath. Cats would love this because they are always looking for something to rub their body against. These are multipurpose gloves that can be used for deshedding, bathing, and removing pet hair from furniture.

Natural Cleaning: Eliminate Pet Stains & Odor the Easy Way

natural pet odor cleaner
As much as we love our pets, dealing with pet stain and odor can be quite frustrating, especially when nothing seems to work. Using natural pet cleaning products may not be such a bad idea. It can be as effective or even better than traditional cleaning products.

The Embarrassment of Pet Odor

Pets are usually in and around the house, so it’s almost difficult to not have some sort of stain or odor to clean. Sometimes we who are around our pets constantly may not smell it, until someone comes to visit and catch on to the odor creeping up to them.

There is no need to feel embarrassed, as this is a common dilemma that many of us pet owners have to deal with.  Having said that, it is easier said than done, however, there are ways to clean your upholstery, sofas and other furniture to remove pet odor or stain naturally.

Going the Natural Route to Combat Pet Odor

Many of the pet cleaning products for odor and stain can be quite harsh. You can still keep your environment clean and healthy for you and your furry friends by using natural products to clean. Using natural products in your home is beneficial for everyone, especially if you have young children in the home.

Benefits of Using Natural Pet Cleaners for Odors

When you use a pet cleaner with natural ingredients, you can feel confident when cleaning delicate household items in your home such as leather, hardwood, tiles etc. As these organic cleaners eliminate bacteria that causes the odor, it leaves a mild fragrance that keeps the pet area smelling fresh including the whole house.

Removing Tough Pet Stains

One of the most difficult stains to get rid of is pet stain. If there is pet urine or other soiled areas on sofas or carpets, you definitely don’t want to use a strong harsh chemical that may remove the stain as well as the color. Try using a natural alternative to remove these tough pet stains.


Fabulous Pets: DIY Pet Grooming at Home

Pet Grooming Tool pet detangler
Our pets need to be pampered and groomed from time to time. If you’re busy and always on the go, you may find it difficult to schedule an appointment for pet grooming around your busy schedule. However, If you have the necessary pet grooming tools available, you can do it yourself at home, while building a bond with your pet.

Grooming Sensitive Pets

If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises, you may have a difficult time doing grooming yourself. There is always an alternative to getting the job done. If you want to keep your pet calm while you’re grooming, try using the Silent Pet Grooming Home Kit instead of a traditional electrical clipper.

Detangler for Matted Pet Hair

Dealing with matted hair can cause pain for your dog. Lessen the pain with a detangler that is designed to remove undercoat hair without irritation. Choosing the right dematting tool for your pet can make a huge difference in the success of your DIY home grooming. The after result is stunning as the dead hair is removed, bringing out the true beauty of your dog’s coat.

Pet Massage Shampoo Brush

Remove dirt and dead hair, while pampering your dog with a soothing massage using a pet massage bathbrush. These brushes are gentle, yet effective in circulating bloodflow, leaving your pet feeling relaxed. Massaging your dog’s coat can also help to promote new fur growth. This is even great for hairloss in dogs.

Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Part of your DIY pet grooming requires having a good pet hair dryer that is not too loud. The less noise the better the grooming experience will be for your dog. Drying your pet’s fur quickly and efficiently after a shampoo can prevent your pet’s hair from becoming matted. Drying it will also bring out the beauty of your pet’s coat.