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My Two Pet Fishes: Best Friends Forever

I have two fancy male guppies, and they are a pleasure to watch each day. I look forward to seeing them every day. Wherever you see one, you see the other. Those are best pals for life. Guppies are so friendly and lively. I can tell they even love the camera too. Look at these two BFFs chilling together near the bubbles coming from the aquarium air stone in the fish tank.


I kind of wish they would do their own thing independently, but the orange one just won’t stop following his big brother around. A few weeks ago I was given a show, as the bigger fish showed his little brother some moves.

Unfortunately, a few days later, I thought I was going to lose him (my older guppy), but I gave him some fresh garlic, and that seemed to got rid of what he had. I’m not sure if he had constipation, bacterial infection or intestinal parasites.

Gladly, a month later he’s still with us. These cute little guppies are so special to me, I would do anything to get rid of bacterial infection or whatever was making him sick.

The little orange guppy is doing fine. He’s active and looking healthy. The older one looked bloated the other day, but I’m working on getting him better. He’s not that bloated like he was before, but still not back to his normal size.

He’s eating and running around, except for when he tries to get away from the orange guppy, he usually hide in the aquarium decoration. That’s where he goes when he need some me time.

After hanging out by himself, they resume their playing. These guppies play basically all day. They love the bubbles too. They take turns running in and out of the bubbles.

That’s how they spend their days, playing and sometimes fighting over peas. Yes, I give them green peas each weak, and they love it! I’ll cover that more in my other upcoming blogs.

Having A Pet Fish: Early Memories As a Beginner

20170826_101136Having fish for a pet was not something I had ever thought about. I loved to see them on TV or in the doctor’s office, but didn’t think they were fun enough for me to have in my home. Boy, was I wrong. I was watching a YouTube video one day, and was impressed with how lively and fun the fishes looked, so I decided to do some research.

I had a ton of questions, and wanted to know everything that I could as a beginner. I wanted a fish that was fun to have as a pet. I read up about the different types of fish that are best for beginners. At first I was thinking about getting a gold fish, but then I found out that they were not that easy to take care of for a beginner fish hobbyist.

The next thing I always thought about was having multiple fishes. I wanted to have more than one at a time. During my research, I learned about guppies. They are pretty active little guys and doesn’t require much, except for regular water changes and a spacious fish tank.

Guppies are small, but they are very active, so they need a lot of space for them to run around and be happy. Like with any other species of fish, they need good filtration to keep the water quality at a healthy level. Even if your fish aquarium doesn’t come with a filter, you can still purchase hang-on filters for your tank.

Now, there was the question of whether I wanted male or female guppies. Since I was just getting my first pet fish, I didn’t want to get a mixture of male and females, because eventually, I would have more guppies than I could take care of, so I chose to get only male fancy guppies. Then my journey began. To be continued ….