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Calming Your Dog During Thunderstorms The Easy Way

Thundershirt Dog Jacket

If you notice that your dog is acting jittery or unusual during a thunderstorm, this may mean that your furry baby might just be scared out of his/her¬† mind. As a dog owner, you grow to understand your dog’s body language, so although your pet can’t tell you in words how he is feeling, you can quickly tell when something is wrong. Thankfully there is a solution to help get your pet back to normal.

Even before the rumble of thunder is heard, your dog can sense that there is going to be a thunderstorm, and may start to become anxious. When this happen, dogs may try to find somewhere to hide such as in the closet or the bathroom. They may even become really scared and hurt themselves or cause extensive damage to furniture or other areas of the house.

Now you don’t have to sit and watch your pet battle with fear during thunderstorms. With the use of a Thundershirt¬† Dog Jacket you can eliminate anxiety in dogs. These jackets are designed to keep dogs snuggled, feeling comfortable and safe. These come in various sizes to accommodate any size dog. The material is breathable, so your dog won’t feel hot and uncomfortable. It provides a feeling of comfort similar to the way babies feel when they are swaddled.

If you are not into the idea of letting your dog wear a Thundershirt Jacket, you may also consider trying calming dog music. This is another solution to help distract your dog from the lightning and thunder. Some dogs get so comfortable  from the soothing sound of the music, that they slowly drift off to sleep, ignoring the sound of the thunder outside.

If you know that your pet is normally scared during a thunderstorm, you should have all these calming solutions ready and waiting for when a thunderstorm occurs. Having all these simple fixes will keep your dog feeling comfortable, calm, and safe during the rainy season.