Top 4 Tips For Stress-free Pet Grooming

pet grooming arm
Grooming your pet may be an enjoyable chore for you, but can be stressful for your pet. Each pet is different in their temperament. Some pets may have no issue being groomed, while others may find it quite uncomfortable. Here are the top four simple tips to help your pet have an enjoyable relaxing grooming experience.

Noise Levels and Pet Grooming

If you always dream about doing your own pet grooming at home, but afraid that your pet will freak out, consider using low noise pet grooming clippers. Too much noise can increase fear in dogs or cats and may make them fear getting groomed in the future. Choose a clipper that is cordless and rechargeable, so that you can focus more on your pet and less on excessive distractions.

No Hassle Pet Grooming Table

If you’re always fighting to keep your pet in one place in order to do their grooming, next time use a pet grooming table. They are convenient and can fold and put away when you’re finished. Using a grooming table especially when trying to groom larger dogs, is a great idea. This will also create their own little stress-free space.

Pet Grooming Arms

If you wish you had an extra set of arms when grooming your pet, you may just be in luck. Keep your pet in a comfortable position while you groom hard to reach areas, by using a pet grooming arm. The holder will hold your dog/cat in the position you need him or her to be, so that you can do a thorough job.

Relaxing Massage During Pet Grooming

What better way to get your pet in the mood for grooming and look forward to the next time, than to use a pet grooming glove brush. Give your pet a relaxing massage while giving them a bath. Cats would love this because they are always looking for something to rub their body against. These are multipurpose gloves that can be used for deshedding, bathing, and removing pet hair from furniture.